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SoftSkin Photo Makeup 1.0

Softskin Photo Makeup can help you retouch photos
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Softskin Photo Makeup can help you retouch photos. The interface is really easy to use. In fact, it looks like a standard drawing application, as Microsoft Paint. The difference is that, instead of the blank canvas, you will be working on a photo you have previously loaded. Several source images can be opened at the same time, and they will appear on ribbon on the left. Just by clicking on them, you can switch images. However, you will notice that when you change to another image, you will lose the changes you have made in the previous one without warning whatsoever by the program. There is also the classical toolbar with familiar buttons and tools. You will find, of course, the buttons to open and save your files. Three other buttons control zoom while the next three let you undo and redo changes as well as return to the original photo. The rest of the buttons are the tools specifically designed for photo retouching. These include Red-eye Correction, Spot Remover, Concealer Brush, Eye Pencil, Bleach and Image Correction, but I think that these tools do nothing different from what you can do with other similar applications.
Despite the boastful advertising that accompanies most products of this type, none of them can do miracles, so the result of your work will greatly depend on your skills. Softskin Photo Makeup is no exception, which means that you should use the available tools wisely and cautiously to improve your photos without making them loose their natural aspect. The developers of this program claim it is very good at improving natural skin texture.
In terms of sophistication and features, Softskin Photo Makeup cannot compete against so many excellent and powerful image editing applications available. However, a much lower price and its usability can make it become an alternative, mostly for amateurs and beginners.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a reasonable price


  • It does not warn you that you will lose the changes when you switch to another photograph.
  • It is not very sophisticated
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